Welcome to Life in Christ Network

Life in Christ Network started as a word, a vision from God and the remnant will continue to fulfil the great commission.
Life in Christ Network
is a faceless movement of God.
We are driven by the Kingdom of God, with an eternal focus.
Life in Christ Network exists for the Name of God to be exalted, elevated and praised. We are demonstrating our love and commitment to God by fulfilling the Great Commission given by Jesus Christ. i.e. impacting the world by communicating the Word of God. Influencing people and incorporating them into God’s family, encouraging committed members in the body of Christ to enlarge the Kingdom of God.

Our mission is to communicate the Word of God and doing so develop a deep circle of commitment in our community, so the body of Christ may be edified; people may be discipled and taught how to use their Spiritual gifts to serve the body of Christ

We believe
in reaching out to people, connecting with people and growing people to become Christ like and ultimately become a lighthouse for the rest of the world.

Life in Christ Network
continues to be an interactive fellowship unity with God’s people- with one mission in mind to REACH – CONNECT - GROW.

LICN is an interactive fellowship in unity with God’s people – with one mission in mind – To reach- connect and grow.

For us, it’s all about family. We are part of God’s family on earth, which we understand to be comprised of spiritual households, of which we are one.

We encourage each other to maturity in Christ through spiritual fathers, who point sons to the heavenly Father.

Year Planner


Walking Close to the King of Kings



Expanding the Kingdom


DEC 16

Kingdom Kids – Christmas Pageant

Anneke  en Sondagskool Helpers

Dec 23

Christ of Christmas
Only Morning Service


Dec 30

New Years Eve


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