Pastor Martin Beneke

The late Ps. Martin grew up under the pulpit so to speak and the work of God was therefore very much part of his life. He was not just always involved in youth ministries but also witnessed many great evangelists under the ministry of his parents, Pastor Karel and Elaine Beneke and Pastor Andre van Zyl.  
Past Martin and his family was also part of the Voice to the Nation band where they spent much of their weekends travelling to different places for concerts and conferences.  
Pastor Martin completed his studies on a part time basis while travelling between Klerksdorp and Johannesburg daily to work during a four year period. Despite the travelling challenges and work commitments, Pastor Martin still managed to finish in the top ten of his class. After graduation, Past Martin was appointed one of the minister’s in a Klerksdorp assembly for a year but was thereafter blessed to serve as a minister in his parents’ church for a period of ten years.  

During 2014 and 2016, Past Martin found himself working with troubled young men struggling with addictions and he became a mentor and father figure to many. Past Martin provided and currently still provides teaching and fellowship every Monday to men of all ages. A zeal for English ministry developed and with this, the opportunity arose for Martin, his wife Michelle of 21 years and daughters Carla and Chenique to set course into a new direction. With the support of his two friends Anton van de Sandt and Johan Nahel (and their families), they became the founding directors of LICN with Ps. Martin.

But this would not be just a traditional church but more an interactive fellowship unity with God’s people – with one mission in mind to reach - connect and grow.  
Pastor Martin lived close to the word of God. The anointing of God and work of the Holy Spirit was very much visible in His life and teachings. He invested in people and had a passion not only to stretch people but to assist them in developing their God-given abilities so that God and the body of Christ may be edified.    
Together we learned and we developed in Jesus through the commitment and obedience of our late Past Martin Beneke.  
Sadly, Ps. Martin passed away on 16 October 2017 at the age of 45. The impact of his dedication to Christ and his love for people was clearly evident at his memorial service which saw over 700 in attendance.

Ps. Martin is survived by his wife Michelle Beneke and two daughters Carla and Chenique Beneke.

Written by Jacqui van de Sandt


Senior Ps. Martin Beneke

Gone but not forgotten.27.01.1972 – 16.10.2017 – Rest in Peace



Michelle Beneke with daughters Carla & Chenique Beneke